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Access Online Facilitation (AOF)



Sample Inputs

AOF instrument-PDF

AOF instrument-Word

Additional Resources

Facilitation Activity Record


Access Online Facilitation (AOF) was first developed by a team of professional instructional designers in 2007 under the sponsorship of CSU Center of Distributed Learning. It provides the means for online course instructors to objectively assess their facilitation for strengths and areas for improvement. This tool may also be used for peer evaluation to guide course redesign and improvement.

What are the main features?

The key characteristics of the tool include:
  • A checklist that evaluates an online instructor's four main roles - Pedagogical, Social, Managerial, and Technical.
  • Evaluation takes place throughout the duration of the course in four distinct phases - Before the class begins, During the first week, Throughout the course, and During the last week.
  • Facilitation Activity Record help instructors to organize and document activities performed as a facilitator for a particular course offering.

How do I implement it?

The AOF checklist is available in both PDF and Word format and the steps to implement this tool is listed in the same webpage.

What does it measure?

Samples of some of the self-check questions are as follow:
  • During the first week:
    • Pedagogical: Creates an ice breaker activity related to a course key objective or concept.
    • Social: Invites and encourages students to use online office hours and/or to make appointments.
    • Managerial: Minimizes delays for students adding the course late to gain access to course materials and un-enrolls students promptly when they drop the course.
    • Technical: Provides detailed tutorial links and/or instructions on using the technology within the assignment information to help the students feel comfortable with the technology.
  • Throughout the course:
    • Pedagogical: Responds to student questions promptly--consistent with timeline for feedback stated in syllabus (Recommended: within 24 hours).
    • Social: Organizes collaborative projects (small and large) to achieve strong social interaction.
    • Managerial: Reminds students of upcoming deadlines.
    • Technical: Announces information related to interruptions of access to servers delivering course materials in advance (when possible) or after (when necessary).

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