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Virgina Tech on Discussion Boards

The SDSU Blackboard Learning Management System offers several features useful for soliciting student responses to course instruction, materials, and learning activities. These tools can be used in a variety of ways to capture information on the students' use of the online materials, learning achievement, and feelings about their learning experiences.

What are the main features?

How do I implement it?

Blackboard is integrated with the university registration system. Each semester, Blackboard courses are automatically created for every course offered at SDSU. The tutorial links above describe how to use the features available in each Blackboard course.

What does it measure?

The course statistics measure the following:
  • Overall Summary of Usage.
  • Accesses by Content Area.
  • Accesses by Group.
  • Accesses by Forum.

The discussion board, quizzes, and surveys can be set up to request nearly any kind of information that you think would be helpful in your formative assessment of the course design.

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