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Clickers at SDSU



Sample Input

SDSU Clicker feedback survey

Additional Resources

Vanderbilt Univ: Derek Bruff

Educause: 7 things you should know about clickers

What are the main features?

Clickers allow instructor to adapt the class according to student responses. Works well for small or large classes. Instructors can poll the students of a face-to-face classroom about any subject, and have the feedback logged an summarized in seconds.

How do I implement it?

The necessary software and a receiver with a USB connection are free to any interested SDSU faculty member.
Students purchase their clickers in the bookstore, and can use them for more that one class.

The eInstruction system interfaces with Blackboard, the campus learning management system, meaning that any attendance or assessment data collected in class can be seamlessly transferred to the Blackboard gradebook.

Click here to review the Getting Started Guide prepared by ITS.

What support is available for Clickers/response systems at SDSU?

  • eInstruction consultant John Burgess provides individualized support to SDSU faculty.
  • ITS consultant Jon Rizzo (594-4867) is the lead for ITS clicker workshops and support.
  • The clicker-fac listserv helps Clicker-using faculty discuss issues amongst themselves anytime.

What does it measure?

SDSU faculty using Clickers in the classroom have been asked to administer the SDSU Clicker feedback survey each semester. There are also versions that can be offered using the Clicker software, using Blackboard, and via SurveyMonkey. Check with ITS for full details.

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