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IDEA survey on Student Ratings of Instruction


The IDEA Center
211 South Seth Child Road, Manhattan, KS 66502-3089
800-255-2757 or 785-320-2400


Sample Input

Sample Faculty Information Form

Sample Diagnostic Form

Sample Short Form


Student Ratings of Online Instruction is one of the paid services offered by the IDEA Center. It measures student learning and the methods used to facilitate it by soliciting perspectives on student learning progress, effort, and motivation, as well as their perceptions of the instructor's use of instructional strategies and teaching methods. The survey also gathers feedback from the instructors with regard to their their overall course goals. From the survey findings, the IDEA Center will help to analyze and recommend course improvement based on its large national statistical database.

What are the main features?

The IDEA Center will develop a report to summarize teaching success as well as insights on how to improve.

How do I implement it?

The Student Ratings of Instruction survey can be administered online or on paper which will then be interpreted and analyzed by the IDEA Center. Campuses can participate in the pilot program offered by the IDEA Center to survey 25 classes at no cost.

What does it measure?

Essentially, three different forms are used to measure teaching efficacy. Samples of some of the questions in these forms are as follow:
  • Faculty Information Form surveys instructors on 12 specific learning objectives and contextual questions.
    • Samples of the 12 specific learning objectives:
      • Gaining factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends).
      • Acquiring skills in working with others as a member of a team.
      • Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view.
    • Samples contextual questions:
      • Which of the following represents the primary approach to this course? (e.g., Lecture, studio,lab)
      • Please identify the principal type of student enrolling in this course.
  • Student surveys assess the frequency of the instructor's teaching procedure, and their reaction to the course.
    • Samples questions on student response to the frequency of the instructor's teaching procedure:
      • Found ways to help students answer their own questions.
      • Relate course material to real life situation.
    • Samples questions on student reaction to the course:
      • Difficulty of subject matter.
      • I really want to take this course regardless of who taught it.
      • The instructor used educational technology (e.g., Internet, e-mail, computer exercises, multi-media presentations, etc.) to promote learning.

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