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Mid-semester surveys


Sample Inputs

Sample survey

SDSU/ITS midÔÇÉcourse evaluation


Mid-semester surveys solicit voluntary student responses during the half-way point of a course. Insights gathered will help both the instructor and course meet the needs and expectations of the students.

How do I implement it?

A convenient and effective way to implement this tool is to use a web-based survey program such as SurveyMonkey. A sample mid-semester survey conducted in Spring 2007 on the course Psychology 101 in SDSU is available here for your reference.
Sample mid-term survey: Introduction

What does it measure?

The above-mentioned sample mid-semester survey covers the following:
  • Instructor facilitation
    • Pace of class.
    • Provide agenda.
    • Provide students with multiple access to information.
    • Provide interesting and relevant examples.
    • Instructor is prepared.
    • Innovative use of technology.
    • Treats students with respect.
    • Encourage student participation.
  • Impression of course
    • Amount of workload.
    • Appropriateness of teaching method.
    • Class addresses diversified needs of students.
    • Value of this course.
    • Motivation to learn.
    • Appropriate use of technology.
    • Understanding of course expectation.
    • Individual perspective of learning achievement.
    • Individual perspective on class participation.
  • Learning environment
    • Online accessibility.
    • Location.
    • Learning preference.
  • Qualitative inquiry
    • What you like about the online portion of the class and face-to-face lecture?
    • What you dislike about the online portion of the class and face-to-face lecture?

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