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Pre- and Post- tests



Pre-tests allow the instructor to gauge the students' ability to apply certain skills and concepts relating to the learning objectives in the beginning of the course. Any gaps identified can then be used to guide the instructor in reviewing the course content and learning activities. Paired with post-tests toward the end of the course, the instructor will be able to evaluate the extent to which students learned during their time in the course.

What are the main features?

The key characteristics of this technique include:
  • Test is administered at the beginning and toward the end of the course should be standardized.
  • Concerns over issues on validity and reliability may arise whether the test is exactly the same at both instances or if different tests are administered.

How do I implement it?

The following are two examples on how pre- and post- tests are conducted:

What does it measure?

Learning progress of the students. Pre-test provides information to better target learning activities.

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