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Quality Matters (QM)


4157 Mountain Road
PMB 246 Pasadena, MD 21122


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The Quality Matters Rubric


Sponsored by MarylandOnline, Inc, Quality Matters is an organization offering institutional subscriptions and a range of fee-based services including managed course reviews and training.

What are the main features?

The subscription service offers a faculty-centered review process designed to certify the quality of online courses. It uses a continuous quality improvement model emphasizing iterative assessment and course improvement. Quality Matters has generated widespread interest and received national recognition for its peer-based approach to quality assurance.

Course elements are reviewed by certified faculty, and composite score is produced for each course element on a numeric point scale.

How do I implement it?

Subscription access to the online Quality Matters Rubric requires a subscription. Prices range from $1500 for a single degree program to $3000 for > 3 degree programs. Subscribe at http://www.qualitymatters.org/Subscriptions.htm

What does it measure?

Evaluates 40 course elements from these dimensions:
  1. Course overview & intro.
  2. Learning Objectives.
  3. Assessment and Measurement.
  4. Resources and Materials.
  5. Learner Engagement.
  6. Course Technology.
  7. Learner Support.
  8. Accessibility.

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