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VARK Learning Style Questionnaire



Sample Inputs

VARK Questionnaire

Additional Resources

Learning strategy helpsheet

Using VARK


This is a free online survey developed by Neil Fleming to assess a user's learning style, whether it is Visual, Aural, Read-Write, Kinesthetic, or Multimodal.

What are the main features?

The key characteristics of this tool include:
  • A 16-item questionnaire that can be submitted and automatically scored on the Web.
  • A Frequently-Asked-Questions section on using the questionnaire.
  • Learning strategy helpsheet and instructions on using VARK are included in the website.

How do I implement it?

This instrument is free to use for educational purposes. Hosting and analysis of VARK results for large groups is a paid service. Faculty and universities that are interested to learn more about this tool can contact them.

What does it measure?

The questionnaire measures the learning preference of the respondent by reporting the scores, on a scale of 1 to 16, corresponding to the five different learning styles (Visual, Aural, Read-Writ, Kinesthetic, or Multimodal). For example, a score of Visual:1, Aural: 5, Read-Write: 5, and Kinesthetic: 5 indicates a multimodal preference with equal emphasis in Aural, Read-Write, and Kinesthetic.

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