Welcome to fevatools! This is your one-stop portal to find out everything you want to know about formative evaluation tools to help you gauge the success of your courses, especially hybrid and fully online courses.

By visiting this wiki, you have made the first step in committing to the continual endeavor and iterative process in course redesign and improvement. Check out what Jim Julius, EdD (video on the left), Associate Director of ITS, has to say about formative evaluation and its impact on online course design.

This is a learning experience and you are invited to contribute your reflections on using these fevatools to add to the content richness of this wiki.



Do you want to evaluate your course according to "best practices",
i.e. standard course design quality criteria?

Best Practices

Do you want feedback on your facilitation of learning?

Course Facilitation

Do you want to focus on student achievement?

Student Achievement

Do you want to see how your students' expectations and experience
with a course align with yours?

Parallel Surveys

Do you want to know more about your learners in general: needs,
preferences, motivation, satisfaction?

Learning Styles Surveys

Do you already know what questions you would like to ask,
or can't find a ready-made survey that fits?

Custom Surveys

Something to ponder

No matter how well these tools serve you, they are only as effective as the quality of feedback you get from the students. See the video below for a humorous perspective on student comments on course evaluations.

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