Transforming course design. 20K given to design evaluation toolkit. started with Marcie and now we have reach a critical content to present it

July 14 meeting with Mark

  • Determine faculty members who will be piloting fevatools.
  • Determine communication means with them.
  • Revise design of fevatools according to comments from Jul 1 meeting, and any comments thereafter.
  • Design instruments for data collection
  • Determine data to be collected

From Mark

  • A video on what does it look like? a short clip to be populated in the categories
  • 1st survey data from MJ to compare what's the diff with barbara's version (done)
  • Survey questions: pg2. webquest, captivate, wimba; typo on pg4.; frequency of visiting the site; repeat the 1st meeting questions on fevatools (done)
  • Mark's leave 21-28 Jul. Jim's back on July 27.

2nd Faculty meeting

  • Check with faculty on fri on distribution date
  • Schedule for this phase? fri, follow-up, refining & expanding the wiki

Minutes: Online course experience Debrief
  • Laura, Larry, Steven, Suzanne, Riberta, Jane, EJ & 1 more attended.
  • James Frazee: What do you wish ITS to do to support your online course conversion
  • Possible success stories from Mark, Larry, and Riberta.

Development process
  • ITS to provide clear guidelines on who and what can support faculty members in online course conversion. Possibly a FAQ or process chart, communication protocol, etc.
  • ITS to forecast an earlier preparation time for faculty members
  • Riberta: "I didn't know what I didn't know. I learned more through get-together sessions, especially using Captivate."
  • Steven: ITS to consider teaching Wimba other than Captivate.
  • Larry: The lunch meetings were really helpful since people share good ideas that can be implemented in the online course.

Online experience
  • Larry:
    • Students prefer Live classroom to Captivate ratio 2:1. Same ratio for Archive vs Captivate. Students like Captivate only because they are straight forward, no sound issue.
    • Don't expect to be as smooth as Mark in the 1st classroom with all the multi-tasking. It gets easier the more you facilitate Live classrooms.
    • The first time is an experiment. Experience will get better when you do it again.
  • Riberta: Really happy to convert courses. Had a very positive experience. Want to do more Live sessions in Fall 09.
  • It is common for students to wait till the last hour to submit assignments. So no need to worry.

Online teaching
  • Scheduling for Live classes in not easy. Usually allowed in the late afternoon.
  • ITS to create a macro in polling questions in Wimba archive to track responses by Last name instead of First name.
  • Tom has some good comments. Mark got them on his emails.
  • On achieving higher grades, Larry gave examples of exemplary work and rubrics for his students for his summer class and they did well, scoring just under 3.5 in GPA.
  • Mark: Sometimes it's not just knowing how to use technology to aid learning, it is also the onus of the students to take responsibility in their learning.
  • Steven: Early warning system in Blackboard can flag instructors to monitor participation and provide timely feedback for students.
  • Blackboard calendar is not as useful as it does not present sufficient information. Google calendar is probably better.
  • Larry: Lay out the course expectation early to inform students about the correct attitude and behavior to succeed in the class.
  • Use end-of-course student feedback to augment course expectation for the next class.

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